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How to grow Silverbeet

How to grow Silverbeet

Learn how to grow Silverbeet with our easy step by step guide. Silverbeet is a leafy vegetable belonging to the subspecies Beta vulgaris subsp. It looks like spinach, silverbeet belongs to the same species as beetroot. It is a biennial plant that usually has dark green edible leaves with wide white or cream stalks, which are also edible.

Silverbeet Varieties

Silverbeet comes in a range of sizes, leaf colours, textures and stem colours. Some of the varieties are:

  • Compacta Slo Bolt
  • Fordhook Giant
  • Fordhook Slowbolt 
  • Coloured varieties like Bright Lights and Rainbow Beet.

How to plant Silverbeet

  • Silverbeet can grow well in nearly all soil types, but does best in fertile and well-drained ones.
  • A sheltered site is advisable, while a good supply of water is a must.
  • Silverbeet seeds should be sown at a depth approx three times the diameter of the seed
  • Space plants between 15cm -30cm.

Silverbeet Growing Guide

It’s an easy to grow plant that is reasonably frost and heat tolerant, and quite resistant to most plant diseases. Silverbeet plant provides leaves for some months before going to flower. It can re-sprout from around the base if cut off when it starts to flower. It can grow up to 75 cm high and 25 cm wide.

Although it is fairly wind hardy, the silverbeet plant doesn’t like strong winds, which can cause leaf damage.

Harvesting Silverbeet

Silverbeet can be harvested while the leaves are young and tender, or after maturity, when they are larger. The usual harvest duration is between 8 to 12 weeks.

How to use Silverbeet

Though silverbeet can have a slightly bitter taste, fresh young leaves can be used raw in salads, while mature leaves and stalks are generally consumed cooked.

Silverbeet is rich in fibre, vitamins A, C and E, sodium and folate. Though it’s believed to be a good source of iron, it has been suggested the iron from the plant cannot be readily taken up by the body due to binding with oxalates.

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