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How to Grow Avocados How to Grow Avocados
Learn how to grow Avocados with our easy step by step guide. Read more here.
How to grow Strawberries How to grow Strawberries
Learn how to grow your own Strawberries with our step by step guide.
How to grow Courgette How to grow Courgette
Courgette aka Zucchini are a part of the wider marrow family, fast and easy to grow the are a popular summer crop. Easily stored as can be frozen for use in hearty winter soups and stews.
How to grow Chinese Cabbage How to grow Chinese Cabbage
Looking to get adventurous in the vegetable garden this summer why not plant some Chinese cabbage or sometimes referred to as celery cabbage, snow cabbage, peking cabbage or more commonly pak choi or bok choy.
How to grow Chillies How to grow Chillies
Chillies are a very fussy crop to grow. But if you are like us here at how to grow gardening you will love the pleasure that is obtained by growing your own Chillies. Nothing beats using them in the kitchen fresh from the garden! Or if you are like me and your eyes are bigger than your stomach using them year round from the freezer.
How to grow Verbena How to grow Verbena
Learn how to grow Verbena with our step by step guide.
How to grow Gladioli How to grow Gladioli
Learn How to grow Gladioli with our easy step by step guide.
How to grow Mesculun Salad Greens How to grow Mesculun Salad Greens
Learn how to grow Mesculun Salad Greens with our easy step by step guide.
How to grow Lilies How to grow Lilies
Learn How to grow Lilies with our easy step by step guide.
How to grow Daphne How to grow Daphne
Learn how to grow Daphne with our simple step by step guide.
How to grow Mustard Greens How to grow Mustard Greens
Learn how to grow Mustard Greens with our simple step by step guide. Mustard greens, also known as Indian mustard, Chinese mustard and leaf mustard, is a species of mustard plant.
How to grow Onions How to grow Onions
Learn how to grow Onions with our simple step by step guide. The onion is the one of the most widely cultivated and popular plants
How to grow Polyanthus How to grow Polyanthus
Learn how to grow Polyanthus with our simple detailed guide.
How to grow Shallots How to grow Shallots
Learn how to grow Shallots with our easy step by step guide. Shallots, as a variety of onion, taste like common onions, but have a sweeter, milder, richer and more complex flavour.
How to grow Campanula How to grow Campanula
Learn how to grow Campanula's with our easy step by step guide.

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How to grow Garlic

How to grow Garlic

Learn how to grow Garlic with our step by step guide. Garlic is one of the easiest plants to grow. Garlic has been popular since historical times throughout the world, garlic is easy to grow and full of nutrients that help keep us healthy. It's also handy for keeping vampires away (and people trying to kiss you in general)

The garlic plant's bulb is the most commonly used part of the plant.

Garlic Varieties

There is a range of garlic types including:

  • wild garlic
  • crow garlic
  • field garlic
  • One of the best-known garlic type, the so-called ‘elephant garlic’, is actually a wild leek!

All these can come in many varieties, like fresh, frozen, dried, fermented.

How to plant garlic

Garlic is very simple to grow in your garden:

  • Plant the individual cloves within the bulb.
  • Plant the largest cloves you have, to get the largest bulbs.
  • Plant each garlic clove 5 to 7 cm below the soil surface and about 10 to 15 cm apart.

It’s said "plant your garlic cloves on the shortest day of the year". Which is fine, but often the ground can be very wet from rains. So to get around this you can plant your cloves in a pot or container until the ground have dried out. If you don’t have spare garden space garlic will happily grow in pots and containers.

Garlic should grow well if given the following conditions:

  • Well-drained fertile soil in full sun.
  • Minimal weed competition.
  • Plenty of organic matter – compost, manure, straw etc.
  • Plenty of water through the warmer months when the bulb is forming.

Garlic Growing Guide

Keep well watered over the summer months. Apply blood and bone as a side dressing.

How to Harvest / Store Garlic

Harvest your garlic when the tops start to brown off. Carefully dig up a plant or two to see how the cloves have formed. Don't pull garlic out of the ground. Brush off any soil clinging to the bulbs. Allow the bulbs to cure or dry for three to four weeks in either a well-ventilated room or a dry, shady spot outside. Once the tops and roots have dried they can be cut off. You can also further clean the bulbs by removing the outer skins. Just be careful not to expose any of the cloves.

How to use garlic

Garlic has hundreds of uses in the kitchen. It is used as a flavouring in dishes from all over the world. Add it to stir fries, mashed potatoes, curries, roasts, soups and sauces. It also may be applied to breads to create a variety of classic dishes such as garlic bread, garlic toast, bruschetta, etc. Garlic is believed to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, and also considered to regulate blood sugar levels besides a host of other benefits.

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