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Looking to get adventurous in the vegetable garden this summer why not plant some Chinese cabbage or sometimes referred to as celery cabbage, snow cabbage, peking cabbage or more commonly pak choi or bok choy.
How to grow Chillies How to grow Chillies
Chillies are a very fussy crop to grow. But if you are like us here at how to grow gardening you will love the pleasure that is obtained by growing your own Chillies. Nothing beats using them in the kitchen fresh from the garden! Or if you are like me and your eyes are bigger than your stomach using them year round from the freezer.
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How to grow Mustard Greens How to grow Mustard Greens
Learn how to grow Mustard Greens with our simple step by step guide. Mustard greens, also known as Indian mustard, Chinese mustard and leaf mustard, is a species of mustard plant.
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How to grow Shallots How to grow Shallots
Learn how to grow Shallots with our easy step by step guide. Shallots, as a variety of onion, taste like common onions, but have a sweeter, milder, richer and more complex flavour.
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How to grow Chives

How to grow Chives

Learn how to grow Chives with our easy step by step guide. Chives are the smallest species of the onion family. The name chive derives from the French word cive, from cepa, the Latin word for onion.

Varieties of Chives:

There are two main varieties available:

  • Common Chives and
  • Garlic Chives.

Both are hardy and happily grow throughout the year. Common Chives grow to about 30 cm and have a purple flower through the summer months. The mild onion like flavour makes it a popular herb for all year round use.

Garlic chives are taller than the others varieties of chives and grow to 40 cm. Also a hardy perennial, these chives have white flowers all summer. The leaves of these chives have a sweet garlic flavour.

How to plant Chives

The chive plants can be purchased from garden centres all year round. You can grow chives from seed but it is a very slow process and not recommended if you want quick results. If you do decide to grow them from seed, sow chives outside, wait for warmer weather in late spring, as the soil needs to be warm for seeds of chives to germinate.

Chives Growing Guide

  • Plant in free draining soils in full sun to get maximum growth and flavour.
  • Chives will happily grow in pots and containers as well as the garden.
  • Try not to let your chives flower as this will limit its leaf growth and stunt the plants size.
  • At the first sign of flowering, prune the flowers off to encourage fresh new shoots perfect for use in the kitchen.
  • The flowers are edible and do add a sweeter flavour to dishes.
  • No major pests or diseases affect chives – they are fairly easy to take care of.

Harvesting Chives

Pick all year round and if your plant becomes old and tired looking, cut hard back to ground level to encourage new growth.

How to use Chives

Chives leaves are used for culinary purposes as a flavouring herb, and provide a somewhat milder flavour than other members of the Allium species. Chives can be used as a garnish on almost any dish. Add to salads, stir fries and pastas. Use in meat, poultry and seafood dishes. Add to stuffings, muffins and soups.

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